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Mouths Steven Zultanski

Say now.
Given that the volume of a human mouth is, on average, 7.628 cubic inches, we can assume that the mouth can, in a given average situation, carry up to 635.666 tears.
Which would take 38.14 minutes to shed, if they were to be shed at the average rate at which tears are shed.
So we can assume that the volume of the average human body, in all its trembling, convulsing, and perambulating, is equal to that of 663.997 mouths.
Or, as wet as 422,097.433 tears.
And if the entire human body were made of tears, and each of those tears were shed, since that's what they're there for, to be shed, insofar as tears don't strictly speaking preexist their being shed, it would take said human body 422.080 hours to do so.
Or, if the body spit mouthfuls of tears out of its mouth continuously, like a fountain, literally by the mouthful, per second, it would take only 11.06 minutes for such a fountain to run dry.
And from the resulting puddle, what.
If one were thinking generously, 664 mouths could drink from said puddle, and quench the thirst of their attendant human bodies.
Or, more generously yet, one mouth could drink from said puddle 664 times, say once a day for 664 days, and quench itself repeatedly, each time to its dissatisfaction, and so on.
So. The world's largest fountains are the Fountains of Bellagio, which spray 423,947.668 mouths of water per minute.
From 133 mouth-like jets.
That's 269,500,046.869 tears.
That many tears, in one day, could quench the generous thirst of 423,947.668 mouths, for at least those brief 24 hours, or the entire non-white population of Washington, DC, say.
With enough tears left over for a couple of white mouths, too.
25,774 of them.
Satisfied for a single day, and then thirsty again. As it is with a kiss.
For instance I've given or taken at least one million kisses, of more or less lengthiness, on one million mouths, if we assume that each kiss lands, in a certain sense, on a different mouth, and that each mouth is, in a certain sense, the same.
If each of those kissed mouths were full of tears, as if in advance of those later tears which inevitably come trickling when the kisses cease, and if with each kiss I drank the tears into my own mouth as my lover drank mine into hers, then we can assume that the tears exchanged in such mouth play would still only be equal to 4.717 minutes of water as it is sprayed from the Fountains of Bellagio.
Our kisses, see, are nearly nothing.
All the white people in Washington, DC: their kisses are nearly nothing too.
In their entirety, the volume of their bodies is equal to that of a mere 144,535,872 mouths of tears, that is if they, the white people, were made completely of tears, which we can assume that they are, given that the average human cries continuously, on and on while kissing, with each kiss renewing their supply of tears, as lovers drink each other up.
So. The entire white population of Washington, DC is made up of only 14,453.587% more mouths of tears than I have ever drank from lovers' mouths.
Not too shabby, DC.
Because even if my body were covered in 133 mouth-like jets, like a human fountain, you would still be ahead of me, in terms of all your white people being greater in volume than all the kisses I carry around.
And yet, given that each mouth can only spit mouthfuls of tears out of its mouth continuously out of its self, like a fountain, per second, and not out of other mouths, it would still take the entire white population of Washington, DC only 11.06 minutes to run dry.
As it would take my own self the same 11.06 minutes to run dry, by mouth.
So we're even, those in power and myself, those with lovers and those who love myself, as an empty mouth is the empty mouth of a human fountain, identically, and nothing can be done to fill said fountain with a life; unless, that is, there's no one there to kiss it up, to quench one's dissatisfaction with the extremities of thirst for a single moment ever again, for a day, or for at least the length of the lips.