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Outward Visable Sign Robert Strong

waterproof with metaphor     more than encasing     heaven
eyes make every move, each window, wet      lightning hits the lights out, all us at last see each other only      like souls walking this hard, usually ‘lectrified land      in sight not deeper than skin      thin shallows poured upon like milk muddied upward      toward out in the air between us, groaning bones to cleave to as tongues to significance, to hot, to (I am my map of) when the church burned down some got charred, repainted the hall and parlor for appearance, for appearance degenerates into personality, personality a plaything—

some put spf on their box of crayons after the advice on my face, face in their eyes trying to be trying to be representations of what they meant, what construction paper and soft crayons make when the kids get recombinant and access the xerox endlessly      they armor for the photograph in front of the wreckage framed in fading light, a quarter faithful, porcelain features pre-disposed to being well-treated, little ink edges under the skin rose pink

(reversed if seen from the inside or in a mirror)

as encased intention attached to the small safety of saying attacked to the danger of appearing over and over every day you might lovingly release the touch you’ve taken too extremely to such      outsides      disappear
into ideas, a whole body      fed by      eyes feels beauty then to be misleading