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The Morphology of Conversation Robert Strong

This Army gets a capital A plus other incentives. Such as sent gestures attended with words. Our discipline is habit and habit is becoming unconscious of following the Law—good works are good only as their repeated motions begin to morph into motivation. Abstract yourself to enter it in generality. How shall it be? Desire to be, battle to be, and then fear the consequence of, believing. Set the whole elephant on fire to get the tusks and you will begin to get it: the muscular heart is just pumping is just not changing, and then you begin to be unsure again to a steady pulse. Steady perception invented by sound and light is separate, is all shields up and cruising comfortable in this, your living room, your waiting place filled with grace to lose and work to do. Lie down, your head is in the ocean and it is after birth we begin. Some go barefoot to better read the braille of history we tread to attack. The cost will be lots of you, office buildings will have to cough you out, relations shake you. Next up: once you think your way to love, why leave the house, why transport the nervous sytem to various venues nerve-us-ness, particularity, where only theories will flourish like mold on an unkown loaf? Driving home after dessert, through the desert, what a body deserves, passing through shadow, through reflection, you may (at any such moment) gaze upon the thing itself without goggles and skin cream. What did you see there: it’s beginning to get at you, beginning to have conversation, make your decisions. Blood squeals through the muscle’s equal sign until the body lies it down in the history between each side of the equation you made, battleready. Received thus, because somewhere you’d ceased to look mathematically and just to be. Cause: you conceived to be Xed out and felt good to fear it.