Double Room: A Journal of Prose Poetry and Flash Fiction
Issue I:  
Fall 2002/Winter 2003

A Discussion on the Forms

"A large part of our intention in founding Double Room was to bring prose poetry and flash fiction to the forefront of discussion by dedicating an area solely to the investigation of their natures. And who better to lead that discussion than active pp/ff practitioners? With this purpose in mind, we developed a list of 15 questions designed to crack open the forms to various angles of inquiry. Each contributor was asked to address one question in a roughly 250 word response. As you will see below, the answers we received are as varied, intriguing, and essential as the work each writer produces."

Peter Conners and Mark Tursi, Editors

Contributor Responses:

Contributors and Works

Featuring the Art of:
Dale Chisman

Cole Swensen

Denise Duhamel

Christopher Kennedy

Daryl Scroggins

Holly Iglesias

Jonathan Carr

Janet Lowenbach

Nin Andrews

Sean Thomas Dougherty

Pedro Ponce

Rosmarie Waldrop

Thom Ward

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