Nicole Peyrafitte

Born & raised in Luchon, French Pyrenees, Nicole Peyrafitte left her hometown, where she was a cook in the family hotel-restaurant business. She then lived in Toulouse, Paris, and arrived in the United States in 1987-- first settling in Southern California and then moving to Albany New York in 1992 where she still lives.

Like the willful child in Marguerite Duras' Les Enfants, she resisted going to school, "Because they were trying to teach me things that I didn't know." Each step of her work attempts to fulfill her compulsion to learn through a process of immersion that generates performances incorporating her voice/paintings/drawings/videos/writing & cooking. Peyrafitte performs locally, nationally, and in Europe.

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"L'espace du dedans"


  "Pas de Couleur de (L')Armes"

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