I Saw

Ray Gonzalez

Caskets thongs slippers t-shirts shields flowers candles wax from the ears of an old man mustard jalapenos percussion books discs salt fountains car tires dry autumn leaves wet everything entering the dark throat of intelligence autumn leaves cymbals corn on the cob frozen chicken breast checkbook bare feet toothpaste cats sweaters hiking boots condoms wooden legs garbanzo beans torn magazines fathomless bottles to clear the head of doubt

Headlights combs shoelaces paper clips diet cokes pumpkin pie guitar strings sleeping cats black widows centipedes the silent tide of the finger threading through the nightmare that sings of a braver time a fat cardinal nickels dimes postage stamps eyebrows toy soldiers soda pop cans torn muscles scientists frowning water bottles unpaid rent each muscle adjusting the spark graduation invitation wrong thought missed streetlight low-class neighbors

Muddy umbrella piano confiscated baseball caps the spinning of the heart toward erasure a boring clock shame under the collar plastic whistle digital camera a circle of jealous friends laundry soap lone staircases nervous laughter eyeglasses candy skulls a rush of blood to the head parking tickets canned pickles unannounced relatives screen doors aluminum foil crossed eyes crossed shoelaces ceiling fans lips after a kiss smoked-out rooms

Child chosen comic books stolen checkbook realization before investigation avocados scrambled eggs slow daylight mustard dreaming in the refrigerator outdated heads searching for a lethal way to see calendar denial of benefits salmon trout eels fingernails downstairs whispers leotards hairbrush heirloom necklace grandparent migration grandparent immigration missed lay-up called back touchdown third strike airline ticket

Frightening decision by an old man tired curtains attractive knee deaf mute sneeze political awareness lemon drops origami frogs broken videotape famous figure equation solved crossed fingers dynamic institutions engraved oath bleeding toenail parted clouds motorboat old man who never falls despite his collection of sky houses old suspenders dead wives ancient widower vision carrying him across the door