3.12 (From REAL)

Stephen Ratcliffe

Outline of eucalyptus trees in vertical window
adjacent to two birds curving off to the right,
whose sound will continue after they disappear.
Blond woman thinking the man shouldn't sign up
for viewing rights to train wreck, man noting
smallest child will probably simply hate him.
Bearded man in heather green shirt thinking
" echium" is spelled with "k," woman in pale
yellow sweater noting that Milhaud wanted to set
her poem on moon to music. Woman with a leopard
scarf around shoulder of black sweater who tells
herself to hide her flamboyance, man on the left
who says he loves the sound of words when people
speak. Horizontal light grey plane above a thin
blue line at the top of the ridge, shape of pine
at tip of sandspit across which small white bird
disappears into right corner.