Gian Lombardo

Response & Bio

Given the current political situation, I'm at a loss in answering any of them (genre distinctions being the last on my mind). How about this answer to an undetermined and non-existent 9th question:

I want to write poems without giving a rat's ass about line breaks or stanzas. I want poems in sentences, paragraphs, blocks. I want these poems to be not mean. There's more than one way to write: keep an ear, an eye and a mind open..."


Gian Lombardo has had two collections of prose poetry, Standing Room and Sky Open Again, published by Dolphin-Moon Press in 1989 and 1997, respectively. His next collection, Who Lets Go First, based on the I Ching, will be published by Swamp Press sometime in 2003. He teaches in the publishing program at Emerson College in Boston.

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