Double Room: A Journal of Prose Poetry and Flash Fiction
Issue II: Spring & Summer 2003  

From the Editors

As our government embarks on what appears to be yet another unjust, horrific, and brutal war, it may be difficult to think about the prose poem in any significant way. It may be even more difficult to engage in a discussion of genre boundaries and borders when our military pushes past the borders of other peoples often leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

A Discussion on the Forms


Double Room was founded as a forum to publish prose poetry, flash fiction, and related evolving forms. However, it also serves as a place for discussion on those forms to take place among those who know them best—the writers. DR #1 began a provocative discussion touching on many issues related to pp/ff, and we are proud to continue that discussion with DR #2. For this issue, we asked our contributors to respond to a list of eight questions that were created out of the contributor responses to issue # 1. In this way, we hope to provide continuity between issues, as well as, create a dialogue that will span the life of the journal.

[Issue II Questions]

Contributors and Works

Jesus Polanco: Madrigal (2002) Ink and Collage on Panel 30"x22"

Featuring the Art of
Jesus Polanco

Jesus Polanco: Un Dia Prestado (2000) Ink, Collage, and Pigment on Panel 30"x22"

Brian Kiteley

Marjana Gaponenko

Johannes Göransson

Anthony Tognazzini

Albert Mobilio

Matthew Miller

Susan Maxwell

Joanna Howard

Bin Ramke

Gian Lombardo

Peter Johnson

Tony Leuzzi

Morgan Schuldt

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